Sunday, November 12, 2017

Wrapping up overhand throwing/catching

With a few spots of nice weather, some classes (2-5) had the opportunity to try some frisbee throwing and catching as well as play a couple of small frisbee related games.  Not all classes had this chance, and with the weather turning wet and cold, I have decided to do more of the frisbee that I had planned in the spring.  I extended the amount of time that we have been spending on overhand throwing and catching.  There are so many fun games that we can play to practice this, that the kids really enjoy!

One activity that we play is called "Super Battleship", and it's a blast!  Modeled after the board game Battleship, we create a wall in the middle of the gym.  We stand the gym mats up and extend them from side to side so that when we have two teams, they can't see the other side.  Each team gets 10 bowling pins as their "ships" that they can set up anywhere on their side as long as they are inside the court lines.  Students can play goalie on their pins, and protect them, while throwing over the mats to hit pins on the other side.  To reset a fallen pin, they can shoot at the main basketball hoop on the other side (the one thing they can see!), if they hit the backboard they can reset one pin, a made basket sets all pins back up.  If students make a catch in the air, they can bring the ball with them to the one small opening we have on the far side of the wall to have a shot at the pins or basket without having to throw over the wall.  We had an absolute blast playing Super Battleship this year!

The next sport specific unit that we will introduce is floor hockey.  The main skill that we are working on is striking with an implement.  We have hockey sticks, pillo polo sticks, and noodles that we will use with groups, depending on the grade level.  All grades will practice their skills and have the opportunity to participate in mini activities.  Depending on how the unit is going with each class, some 3-5 students will have the chance to play in full hockey games towards the end of the unit.

I am looking forward to our hockey unit, it is definitely one of my favorites!

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