Monday, October 22, 2018


We took a little break from our normal units in order to have classes participate in the PACER, which stands for:


We discuss what this means, and spend some time going over aerobic capacity.  I stress the importance of this being a laid back run, where we do the best that we can.  We also spend time talking about how we are all different, and that this is not a run where someone wins.  We also go over how important it is to cool our bodies down when we are done. 

Fifth grade students write their scores down, and create a goal for themselves when we run it again in the spring time.  They are encouraged to come up with realistic goals that they believe they can reach. 

Third and Fourth grade students will also run again in the spring, but we don’t chart our scores.  Students are encouraged to create personal goals for themselves.

First and second grade students also participate in the PACER, but they run from sideline to sideline in a modified version.  Also, we decided to do something different this year, and have them participate in a partner run.  Students paired off and would take turns doing two laps at a time.  We did not worry about missing lines, just encouraged them to go as long as they could, cooling down at the end.  I usually stop the group at a certain number, whereas the third-fifth grade students run until the last person is done.  I think that the first and second grade students really enjoyed the partner run.  This gives students a little bit of an idea on how the PACER works, and they are pumped to run the long way when they get into the third grade. 

Coming up, we will be participating in some fall themed activities.  I have a couple of brand new games that we will be playing, that I am really excited to try!

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